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    Our broad range of skills and experience in media, technology and social media gives our customers the edge.

  • We are a company driven by passion for innovation and excellence.

    We are meticulous in our execution of services; but at the same time open to new frontiers.

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    For us each service provided is an opportunity to up our game and give our customers tangeible value for money.

About Musuku

Our Latest Projects.

Our Services.

We have evolved from offering a list of services listed below to being an INNOVATION PARTNER to SMEs, NGOs and Professional Services companies that seek morden and innovative solutions to realising their strategic objectives and fullfiling their vision. From ideation to execution, we walk the journey with our clients ensuring that they derive value all the way.

Driven by our values of Innovation and Excellence we have transformed businesses and non-profite organisations into viable and sustainable value generators. This we achieve by laveraging the diversity of our skills, network and experience.

Social Media Management.

Our social media management capability ensures that our customers get a return on social capital by engagement with existing clients and potential customers for customers through social .

Web Design.

We pride ourselve as developers of modern mobile-ready websites for corporate and private customers accross South Africa.

Mobile Apps.

We design and develop custom mobile applications for corporate and private clients based on the latest trends in Information Technology design.


We are involed in the media space through our work on Mayihlome News, an indipendent political journal founded in 2009. There is future plans to expand Mayihlome News and add more titles.


We produce live music shows, having produced a number of successful live music shows, and we are also involved in artist development.

Strategic Services.

We combine all our skills, experience and networks to offer innovative solutions to our strategic clients in high value intiatives and projects. This includes projects in concept development, distribution, commercialisation and business optimisation in various sectors.

Who Are We.

Musuku Afrika is a technology, media and entertainment company which offers packaged Innovation to SMEs, NGOs and professional services companies.

Musuku is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. 100% black owned and managed.

Our Approach.

We tailor the delivery of each service to the customer's needs and requirements that way we avoid imposing a blanket approach which would be unsustainable given our diverse portfolio of clients and sectors in which we operate. Our service delivery processes are all geared towards excellent service delivery.

Our Values.

We are driven by the values of Excellence, Innovation and delivery. These values makes it possible to pull all stops to ensure that our customers are always satsfied and that we come across and remain trusted technology, media and entertainment advisers and implementation partners.

Our Goal.

Our goal is to provide our customers Innovative Solutions with excellence.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to transforms ideas, dreams and vision into a reality through innovative solutions.

Get In Touch With Us.

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Contact Numbers:

Phone: (072) 656 9237
E-mail: info@musuku.co.za