Gudani Tshivenda website goes live!!

Yesterday we launched the Gudani Tshivenda website and i am thrilled with the potential it brings into my side-gigs. Although the reception is subtle on Facebook, i am pleased with the traction its getting on Twitter.

The website always existed as a an informational website about the Learn Tshivenda Android App we released sometime last year. But what we have done is to spin it around completely making the website part of our App ecosystem. So we now afford users who are not using Android a possibility of learning to read, write and speak the beautiful Tshivenda language at their own pace and comfort via the website. It has all the capabilities of the app although it has a slightly advanced UI.

Tshivenda is not only the mother tongue of the current state President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, but we have seen a growing interest from South Africans to learn Tshivenda. We also find that there is growing international interest in learning to read, write and speak Tshivenda.


How is this a side-gig?

Perhaps thats your question, both the app and the website are monetised in the same way which is through ads. From time to time i update both the website and the app but even when i am not doing any thing actively in their space they continue to generate income, you can call it passive income. Another factor is the issue of scalability and network effects; the more people are exposed to the website or the app the more people know about it download it or visit the website and essentially the more money i make and all that happens with very little effort once these products are launched. While i am busy with my 9-5 these assets work for me.

So its important that you evaluate your side-gig and make sure that:

  • It’s scalable – grows with very little effort from you once rolled out
  • Makes money as passively as possible – since you have a 9-5 you have limited time to work on the side-gig so it must be able to work itself.

In the next weeks i will discuss the importance of measuring, the metrics above or any, to grow your side-gigs. For now let me go to work!! 🙂


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