Word of Mouth: Make or Break

If you are in business more so when its side gigs that you take from time to time, most of the business you get are from people you know. As such reputation is everything. You must at least be known for the side-gig and someone must be able to think of your name when they are looking for services you offer.

If you do you work diligently chances are your work will begin to talk for you. Open doors of opportunities for you even among strangers. But it is critical that your service levels remain top. One mistake and you are out of the game. Nothing is more dangerous to a small business than an unhappy customer more so in the age of the internet. The opposite is also true for a happy customer. 

With word of mouth alone you can either rise or fall. Word of mouth can make or break a small business. 

This week i got a super mention from a customer who was very happy with what i see as basic services we offer, nothing premium. After she mentioned me and how great my services are i have since received more than 10 calls from her social media friends. Almost all calls are guaranteed to turn into business in the next few days.

And the more customers are happy the effect on business is beyond expectation. So keep hustling and never let down your customers.

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