• Music Publishing.

    As Publishers we ensure that artists signed with us recieve every cent due to them for any of their artistic work.

  • Online Distribution

    Today online distribution is a major contributor to sales of music as it allows for wider distribution effeciently.

  • Artist Management

    Successful artists know that for them to focus on the creative side effectively they require a good team to manage their business.

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A proud member of CAPASSO


Music Publishing

Our duty is to secure the work of the composer and ensure that all monies do to the composer are collected and paid to the composer.

Online Distribution

Online is an integral part of the success of a recording artist and sometimes it is a driver for physical sales. We ensure that music by our artists is published in all major online platforms.

Artist Management

Great and successfull recording artists share one thing in common, an unwavering committment to their craft. For them to focus on their craft they are counting on a management team that ensures that their craft is nto only an art but a viable business.


We connect markerting agencies, record labels and recording artists with great and original composers. Quality is our main focus.


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